About Us

Who we are

Journeys always lead to undiscovered destinations; In the same way, we at NRI AVKAR never thought ourselves that we would be able to witness an experience of this magnitude. A traveler always starts with a basic thing and that is his Travel Document - "A Passport"; a similar path led us to beginning our travel consulting career in 2005 with assistance in passport issuance. The company 'NRI Avkar' was established in 2007 with passion and integrity to cater to the needs of international tourists. We grew to understand how important their time is when they are planning holidays with us. Rather than spending much money on advertising or promotions, we concentrated on the quality part. This resulted in our brand receiving word-of-mouth publicity among holiday planners, and we added more clients. Moreover, we will expand our international network very soon.

Why us

Although COVID-19 has slowed down the travel industry a bit, it has given us an opportunity to rethink the sources; and also to redevelop the industry in order to better serve our clients. We have spent many hours studying the next travel age at NRI Avkar and have decided to move from offline to online assistance using the best travel technology. Depending on your needs, you can book your flight, hotel, visa assistance, insurance, safari rental car, or you can purchase the entire vacation package at once. Our local reps will ensure that your international trip runs smoothly from planning to the end. Our goal is to answer your call 24x7.

Anyone planning on an international trip needs to ensure the money they invest for their trip is secured and that the quality of services will be as high as they imagined. You can use our platform to gain Comfort, as our platform is user friendly, Security, as our services have refund options on cancellation, and Quality, as we use world rank suppliers with years of experience. When it comes to African safaris, we are not just a resource, but the source, a right source. 

Mission and Vision; In the spirit of Sustainable Tourism, we have molded ourselves to embrace tourism with a great sense. In our opinion, sustainable tourism consists of three components: economy, community, and environment. Here's a tour of our vision and mission.

Economy: International tourists visiting emerging countries often contribute to the financial health of the nation. Through trade, NRI Avkar is committed to promoting international tourist destinations and demonstrating its contribution to the global economy.  Community: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.`` This African proverb reminds us to rethink our commitment to the Community. Our NRI Avkar team offers a cultural program add-on facility alongside a main holiday package to our tourist community. NRI Avkar will share half of the cost of that Add-on. Environment: During this pandemic, Covid taught us valuable lessons about ethical environmental practices. A unique sustainable project has been devised by NRI Avkar that will make travelers feel like they're giving back to the environment and that make their trip memorable. For those who proved to us that they cared about the environment during their entire trip, we will offer them a free NRI Club membership. Membership works the same way as frequent flyer membership. 


NRI Avkar launched a campaign to build a green society in order to take corrective action. We hope to plant 5 million trees by the year 2021, which would improve air quality and reduce the risk of illness caused by COVID-19. These trees will be allotted to our clients, on their international destinations. It is our intention to cherry-pick that moment along with the international community. Hence, we request you to be a part of our GO GREEN moment and plant more and more trees wherever you go on holiday with NRI Avkar and inspire others as well.